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We want you to have the best price we can offer. Therefore, the following policy has been established. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


We accept your paperbacks that are in very good, clean condition which can be used in our inventory. We do NOT accept books that are overstocked, defaced, abused, corner clipped, underlined/highlighted, and have loose pages or covers. You receive 25% (up to a maximum of $3.50) of the cover price of your acceptable books in trade for other paperbacks. Paperbacks do not trade for hardbacks.


We trade hardbacks based on market value (not the cover price). Any hardback with the exception of classics, really old books or leather-bound, must have a dust jacket if it was issued with one. They must be in very good, clean condition. We do not accept books that are abused, underlined/highlighted, overstocked or deemed not saleable.


We accept audio books in trade for other audio books or paperback fiction. Trade-ins must be in very good condition including the original case. You receive 25% of the original price in trade credit.

Trade on Harlequin/Silhouette series romances is restricted to certain authors, i.e. Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Diana Palmer or Jayne Ann Krentz..

Certain restrictions apply. Fiction will not trade for non-fiction. Paperback will not trade for hardback. You must have western credit to trade for westerns, civil war credit to trade for civil war, classic credit to trade for classics and science fiction/fentasy to trade for science fiction/fantasy.

We will be happy to maintain a credit account for you. If there is no activity on an account for 24 months, it will be deleted from our records.

Books brought in for trade or sale will be processed in the order in which they are left with us. It may be 24-72 hours before your books can be examined.(Based on the number ahead of yours) If it is inconvenient for you to wait while your books are being processed for trade or sell, please keep in mind that you will be notified via phone or e-mail that the examination is complete. From the date of such notification, you will have seven days to accept or reject the offer and pick up any books not eligible for trade or sale. Due to lack of space, if they are not retrieved, we will have to dispose of them.

PLEASE.... Books are categorized, and alphabetized by author. If you take it off the shelf, either put it back exactly where you got it, on the counter or even on the floor but do not stick it on a shelf where it does not belong...or it is lost!!!!