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The Coffee Tree Books and Brew is proud to offer books by a number of local authors.  In this section of our website you will find brief introductions to some of them along with links to their websites.

A number of these authors belong to a group they call The Coffee Tree Fiction Writers which meets here twice a month.  An anthology of their work is being printed and will be available here in the coming weeks.

Author of : Flying Boats & Spies and China Clipper Release due in summer/fall of 2009.

Jamie started writing novels in 2001. He has over 25 years of experience in Counter Intelligence, Special Intelligence, Signals Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis for the US Military.  He's served with Special Operations, Army Aviation, Airborne Infantry, and Military Police.  He's been involved in operations in Laos, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Guam, Samoa, the Hawaiian Islands and the continental United States.

Jamie holds a Systems Engineering Certificate from the University of Alabama, Huntsville, a Masters in Computers and Systems Management from Webster University and a Bachelor's in Geospatial Science from the University of Colorado.

Currently, Jamie is a Technology Protection Officer for the Security and Intelligence Division, US Army, Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), Intelligence Division.    Email

He is married to Joan Skawski, formerly of Chicago. They have traveled the world and lived on three continents with their three children Ian, Neil and Glenna. They have a spoiled Australian Sheppard named Gracie and have called Huntsville, Alabama home since 2001.

For lots of incredibly interesting information on his books, the planes and history involved, visit Jamie’s website at www.nickgrantadventures.com

Author of: The Legacy of Bletchley Park , Will Paris Burn and Saving Da Vinci

Annie Laura Smith has over 150 publications and is an instructor for the Institute of Children's Literature. In addition to her published World War II historical trilogy and contemporary YA novel, she co-authored a First Grade Math Textbook for Ethiopia under a USAID grant, and adapted the classic, The Pioneers, by James Fenimore Cooper to Reading Level 4 for the EDCON Publishing Group.Visit Annie Laura’s website at http://home.comcast.net/~annielaurasmith/

Author of: Malachite Lion: A Travel Adventure in Kenya and Chasing Wings

Author, storyteller, lecturer, photographer and traveler, Richard is a man of much experience.   During his career as a marine and freshwater ecologist, Dr. Richard Modlin, wrote and published over seventy scientific articles, book chapters and reviews.  Born in Toledo, Ohio and educated at the Universities of Wisconsin and Connecticut, he is an Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences at the and the former Director of the UAH Honors Program. Richard is now avidly pursuing his second career as an author.  Although his primary interests have shifted to creative writing fiction, non-fiction, travel adventures, short stories and novels, he is still interested natural history.  His popular press articles have appeared in Sea Frontiers, Bird Watcher’s Digest, Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues , Birmingham Arts Journal, Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal and in other magazines.  He is the author of the book title Malachite Lion, A Travel Adventure in Kenya , which describes his travel adventures to East Africa.  Recently he has completed his second book, Chasing Wings , where he recounts his bird watching exploits and encounters . Richard has received several awards for his writings.   Visit his website www.richardmodlin.com

Marian Hartside Publishing: www.hartsidepublishing.com

Author of: Marion and Marion’s Child
LaureL Coleman Steinhice  Author, Columnist, Speaker and WWII HistorianAt present, Laurel Coleman Steinhice has authored two fascinating books “Marion” ( a biography about her famous reporter mother, Marion Coleman Peck)  and “Marion’s Child” (her own experiences as a child growing up as the daughter of a beautiful, talented and adventuresome reporter during WWII, the Blitz and the Berlin Blockade years). http://www.laurelsteinhice.com/

Most widely held works by Nancy M Rohr
Incidents of the war : the Civil War journal of Mary Jane Chadick by Mary Jane Cook Chadick( Book )
1 edition published in 2005 in English and held by 14 libraries worldwide
An Alabama school girl in Paris, 1842-1844 : the letters of Mary Fenwick Lewis and her family by Mary Fenwick Lewis( Book )
1 edition published in 2001 in English and held by 9 libraries worldwide An Alabama school girl in Paris, 1842-1844 by Nancy M Rohr( Book )
1 edition published in 2001 in English and held by 6 libraries worldwide

Author of “ Alabama Impressions
Robert Falls is a full-time professional wildlife and nature photographer, based in northern Alabama, with more than twenty-five years experience. His work has been published in every form currently available, including CD ROM and internet, and has been included in numerous books. His publishing credits include National Geographic Books, Abbeville Publishing, National Wildlife Federation, Chanticleer Publishing, and the Audubon Society. Magazines that have featured Robert's work include Outdoor Photographer, Nature Photographer, Outside Magazine, River Magazine, and Outdoor Traveler. The National Park Service has included Robert's images in their publications at two park locations and one image has been included in a postage stamp by the US Postal Service.

“Alabama Impressions” is the third of Robert’s books about his home State of Alabama. This book is somewhat of a departure as it is not all nature subjects, but rather the people, places, and things he finds of interest in his travels about the state. It is a soft cover edition featuring 70 full-color photographs with captions.

Author of “ Alabama ’s Canyons” Charles Seifried and Jim Felder take you by the hand and personally walk you through Bankhead National Forest. You get beautiful pictures, helpful hiking and camping advice, and a wealth of knowledge about the 180,000 acres of nature in "Alabama's Canyons."

(March 16, 1915 - December 31, 2006)
Huntsville, Alabama historian, author and artist, Sarah Huff Fisk was a descendant of pioneer families in Madison County and a life-long resident of Huntsville/Madison County.  She was a member of the Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society and served as its president for four years.  She was chairman of the mayor’s ad hoc committee to research and plan for the reconstruction of Constitution Hall Park and served on the first city board appointed to operate it.  As a member of the Historical Society, she held numerous other positions including chairman to erect many of the historical markers in Madison County.  She was also chairman of the committee to research early communities in the county and to map the downtown area as it was in 1819.  She was the artist for “A New Map of Huntsville, Alabama, 1819,” which was recognized by the American Association for State and Local History.
Sarah Huff Fisk's illustrations have appeared in five textbooks used in Alabama schools.  At the time of her death, Mrs. Fisk had six books in print, the most recent being Lost Writings of Howard Weeden as “Flake White,” which she published in 2005 with co-author Linda Wright Riley.  Other books by Mrs. Fisk include Shadows on the Wall: The Life and Works of Howard Weeden (with co-author Frances Roberts); Civilization Comes to the Big Spring: Huntsville, Alabama 1823; Found Among the Fragments; Built Upon the Fragments; and Long Ago in Madison County  (illustrator).

Durwood White is a retired chemist who drew on his life experiences to write The Anthrax Conspiracy , a thriller based on Iraqi terrorists developing a strain of anthrax designed to withstand cooking temperatures so as to contaminate meat in fast food chains of the US. The Adventures of Eddie Croaker,  Amphibia Island is a great children’s book Mr. White has also written.

Author of a fiction mystery, The Bossuet Conspiracy and Re-Souled, Spiritual Awakenings of a Psychiatrist and his Patient in Alcohol Recovery.
Born William Houston Goodson, Jr., on June 12, 1936, in Huntsville, Alabama.
Educated in the Huntsville City Schools and graduated valedictorian of his class from Huntsville High School in 1953.
Received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Vanderbilt University.
Completed a psychiatric residency at McLean Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in 1964 and is board-certified in psychiatry.
Served as Division Psychiatrist of the 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, N.C., from 1964-66, receiving the Combat Medical Badge for action in the Dominican Republic.
Practiced psychiatry in Huntsville from 1966 until 2005, mostly in private practice but for nine years with the community mental health center. Received certification in addiction medicine and served on the state of Alabama’s Impaired Physician Committee.
Married since 1956 to Elise, who has shared the rearing of three daughters and w
ho taught in the public schools. The daughters and husbands and eight grandchildren all live in Alabama and Georgia.
Now retired, he devotes his spare time to writing, family, church (Episcopal), bicycling, the homeless, advocating for a new state constitution, and regular retreats with friends to the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky.
Board member, Alabama Writers' Forum, 1998-2000, and member, Alabama Writers' Conclave. Bill is now working on his third novel, this one a departure from the suspense genre. Tentatively titled Where Snow Has Lain , this dramatic story traces the relationship of an aspiring writer, Lomax Connors, with his former psychiatrist, Mark Leibovitz. Lomax, age 35, is dying of lung cancer and unexpectedly calls upon Mark to help him with lingering problems. While aiding his former patient, Mark finds himself confronting his own issues and experiencing a spiritual renewal.

As a career biologist, Marian Moore Lewis spent years observing life through the lenses of microscopes.  She has degrees in biology, microbiology and biophysical sciences (biochemistry) and her cell biology experiments have flown on fourteen NASA space shuttle missions.
Lewis' keen skills of observation as a scientist and a passion for nature are reflected in her books.  An avid bird watcher and naturalist, she has explored rain forests in Costa Rica, jungles and coral reefs in Belize, savannas and mountain areas in Kenya, habitats along canals in France and England, deserts of the American Southwest and mixed wildlife habitats across the United States.  She even hunted legendary leprechauns in Ireland.  Her skill in blending fact and fantasy is entertaining and informative.  Children can identify with Lewis' characters, who happen to be woodland fairies, as they deal with challenges of loss and grief as well as demonstrate ingenuity, courage, joy and growth.
Lewis spent a childhood exploring fields, forests and streams near her home in the piedmont region of Georgia.  She developed a vivid imagination, curiosity and respect for the wild creatures that occupied these habitats.  Her fairy stories provide an outlet for her love of the natural world.  Her goal is to share this love and respect for nature with today's children and to stimulate awareness with the hope that children will learn to value and protect their environment into the future.  Thoreau's quote, "in Wildness is the preservation of the world," is one of Lewis' favorites.

She Authored the following books with a brief description:

"An Igloo on the Lake", If you close your eyes and listen to the wind whisper in the trees or stand quietly when the snow is falling softly all around you, it is possible that you may become aware of small things that you have not noticed before. Perhaps your imagination will capture the image of a little golden-haired fairy, only two inches tall, who lives in a beautiful forest. Could it be that the flutter in a nearby tree that you thought at first was just a leaf shaking in the wind, could have been the little fairy? Her wings are gossamer clear - she would not be easy to see. Nature has many wonders and forests have secrets.
The little golden-haired fairy spends her days among the trees, flowers, and creatures of a beautiful forest. Once each year, the forest fairies gather in the middle of a frozen lake for a festival that lasts for days. Each fairy builds a small house of tiny packed snow bricks as a shelter. They also build a larger ice house, called a "Rainbow Igloo" that holds a special secret. The little golden-haired fairy's friends are lightening bugs, a mouse, a bear, and eventually a short tail weasel. Hers is the heart of hope and love that sends a message of friendship into all the world. This simply illustrated, charming little story will very likely bring brightness to your day, a smile to your face and hope into your heart.

"A Tent in the Forest" is a chapter book about Pipsissewa, a two-inch tall fairy. It is suitable for reading aloud to pre-schoolers but is appropriate for all ages, elementary school and up. The story blends fantasy and realism; fairies are given scientific names of wildflowers and a glossary includes illustrations from the story. The book contains information about plants, animals and woodlands and deals with courage, change, friendship and growth.Forced from her home among the roots of a giant maple tree when the forest is sacrificed to build a road, Pipsissewa must cope with loss of home and friends. "Oh, where shall we go?" she asks. She finds the solution with help from a sympathetic young goose who invites her to migrate south with him. Pipsissewa's forest friends; Ursus the bear, a weasel, rabbits, and a beaver weave grasses into a tiny basket and tie it onto the goose's back. The grief-stricken fairy tearfully bids her friends good-bye, climbs into the basket and begins her journey southward on the back of the goose. Along the way, they stop in the Great Dismal Swamp where they encounter a poetry-reciting otter. He tells them about other inhabitants of the swamp. At the end of the journey, Pipsissewa and the young goose arrive at a lovely sanctuary called Tylaggy. Here she discovers tent-weaving spiders and unexpected friendship. She is invited to a grand festival by a tribe of Tylaggy fairies. Pipsissewa finds a new forest home and a joyful new life.  CONTACT INFORMATION: Ph: (256) 539-3604  email: [email protected]

Authors of 52 Weekends in the Tennessee Valley
In "52 Weekends in the Tennessee Valley," Huntsville father and son Charles and Daniel Frew have gathered a year's worth of fun and interesting destinations in Alabama and Tennessee.

Patricia Sammon has won a Nelson Algren Award, a Hackney Literary Award, and a Heekin Group Foundation Award. Her short stories have appeared in River City and Alabama Bound; her poetry has been included in anthologies such as “Who Remembers Us”, and “Ordinary and Sacred as Blood”, and “Limestone Dust”. In addition to being a regular contributor to Sundial, a weekly radio magazine on WLRH, she was for many years a columnist for Tennessee valley’s award winning magazine, Hometown Press. She is co-founder and co-director of the H.E. Francis Literary Competition. Patricia Sammon is a graduate of  Queen’s University in Canada and Cornell University. For twenty years she has taught creative writing as an artist-in-residence in the public school system.Her book, “Radio Link” a collection of essays aired on public radio , is available at The Coffee Tree.

Author of From A Father To His Son
Robert Louis Kidd is a native of Florence, Alabama. He is a graduate of Coffee High School and Larimore Business College, both in Florence. He attended Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, and completed the Internal Revenue Service’s school of Income Taxation in Birmingham, AL. He was a member of the American College of Hospital Administrators.
Robert and his wife, Louise Kidd, have two children, Gladys Kidd Riser and Phillip Kidd.
This book describes how author Robert Louis Kidd grew up in abject poverty in the great depression and faced numerous health challenges. Against impossible odds, he succeeded in the business world, and then, at the peak of his career he finally came face to face with God’s ultimate call to be His witness in various parts of the world. He had to put his complete trust in God to meet all his needs.
Robert Louis Kidd truly has a real purpose for in life, as you will see it unfold in his stories. Satan may have tried to kill him at birth, but God had other plans. There were many other times when he could have very easily been killed, yet God spared his life. Over and over again.
See the miraculous way in which he finally discovered the real purpose for his life and the way God has used him through the years to help and bless so many people.

Author of a collection of poetry and thoughts, Words In The Wind.

Author of Skybolt , the story of building a bi-plane and Corporate Space , an all too true novel of NASA.

Author of The Serenader .

Wrote a Civil War thriller, The Glass Coffin, A Reginald Sterling Adventure .

A talented teacher, photographer and author who has written a series of children’s books about her delightful dog, Millie.

Has just written a great kids story book, Timmy and the Captain about a boy and Captain Theodore Butkus of the South Seas pirate clan.

Suzy Parish was a Community Columnist for the Huntsville Times for 2007. She is a member of SCBWI, The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and ACFW, American Christian Fiction Writers.She is married to a Huntsville Police Investigator, has three incredible daughters and two crazy dogs.Link to her web site http://www.suzyparish.com