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Brewed Coffee                                               $12/gallon
Hot Teas                                                       .75 /serving
Iced Teas                                                      $3.50 /gallon

Bagels w/ CC                                                $1.75
Croissants                                                    $1.75

Muffins                                                         $1.90
Scones                                                        $1.70
Mama Annie’s Cinnamon Rolls *1                   $8.00 /dozen
BG Cinnamon Rolls*2                                    $2.00

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake                           $15.00
Bread Pudding
Beer Bread                                                   $7.00

Cookies/doz                                                 $16.00
Iced Brownies / 9X13                                     $13.00
Mississippi Mud / 9X 13                                 $20.00
Carrot or chocolate confusion cake                 $50.00
14 servings each

Chicken Salad /pound                                   $10.55
Shrimp Salad /pound                                     $12.55
Egg Salad /pound                                         $9.55
Salads served with assorted crackers or as sandwiches with your choice of breads.

Wrap sandwiches:
Garden Gobbler                                $6.50
Miss Piggy                                       $6.50
Veggie Wrap                                    $6.00

In addition to the above, The Coffee Tree can provide a variety of stradas, casseroles, soups and other entrée items by special request.  Call Kitty for information and to discuss specifics.

The Coffee Tree is happy to provide trays of assorted sandwiches and wraps, pickles, olives, etc.  Breakfast as well as dessert trays are also available. Prices vary according to the number of people being served.

The Coffee Tree staff will deliver and set up your order. We do not offer wait staff at this time. Arrangements will be made for our staff to retrieve any hard goods once your event as ended. Whether you’re hosting a party, staff or sales meeting, or a business conference, our staff of trained professionals will make your event a cut above the rest while freeing you to concentrate on other details. Call The Coffee Tree Books and Brew today.

*1 Mama Annie’s Cinnamon Rolls are a small flakey pastry we serve four in and order

*2  BG (Big ‘n Gooey) Cinnamon Rolls are what most people think of as a Cinnamon Roll and are topped with a cream cheese icing.