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KAREN NEWSUM SINGER-SONGWRITER in addition to her jobs as teacher and Mom, Karen heads up the local Christian Songwriters group and performs both original and cover songs with a country flair. She also will be going on tour performing around the southeast beginning later in the month. WEB ADDRESS:

THE MOHR4 (Celtic Fiddlers) We play Celtic and Classical music - straying into other genres (like Shaker and Renaissance) when the mood hits us. PHONE NUMBER: (256) 426-0766  EMAIL: [email protected] WEB ADDRESS: www.mohr4.com

DR. JAMES SMITH , the AutoHarpMan from Al-la-Bam! sings Old-time anf Traditional songs accompanied by his custom made Morgan-AutoHarp that's guaranteed to bring a tappin' to your toe, a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. James is a member of the Huntsville traditional Music Association and with the help of several members he host a HTMA monthly jam at the Huntsville Constitution Village. PHONE NUMBER:(256) 655-6241  E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] WEB ADDRESS: www.AutoHarpMan.com

LARRY WOELLHART SINGER- performer with a long playlist of pop and folk from the 60s & 70s.  Larry is always popular with his renditions of Kingston Trio, Willie Nelson and other favorites. WEB ADDRESS: www.woellhart.com

AC JUNCTION , Chris & Tommy perform a wide variety of covers and originals from country, pop and rock ‘n roll v=favorites.  Always a good show! WEB ADDRESS: www.acjunction.com

JIM PARKER, Popular Songwriter has written a number of  songs you hear on the radio, including John Anderson’s recording of Chicken Truck.  A great singer/songwriter, Jim is a staunch supporter of aspiring songwriters and host of the Songwriters’ Showcase at the Von Braun Center. WEB ADDRESS: www.jimparkermusic.com

DUSTIN POTTER , A Huntsville native, Dustin is in school at UNA in Florence but comes home to play on a regular basis.  Country music is his genre and he’s really good at both covers and originals he’s written.  Serious about his music, he’s one to watch!

JESSIE SMITH, Singer-Songwriter is a favorite at the Wednesday night songwriters’ Open Mic .  Among her many credits are multiple performances at the Bluebird Café in Nashville and the Songwriter Showcase at the  Von Braun Center.

Cristina Lynn & Chuck Rutenberg pop in for the Songwriters’ Open Mic when not playing at one of the many area venues that keep them busy.  Their voices “work” together in that special way that some duos like Kenny Rogers and Dottie West. WEB ADDRESS: www.cristinalynn.com

EARL WATTS is a songwriter with a great sense of humor.  His songs have a great sound and a message that will make you smile..or bust out laughing.

THE FLINT RIVER GYPSIES , Lead singer & songwriter, Robert Galloway with guitarist Jimmie Long and female vocalist Becky Redding put on a great show of original and hit covers drawing from country. Pop and light rock.

LEON VENERABLE, Country singer/songwriter is another of the Coffee Tree family of songwriters who has played the Showcase at the VBC and is popular around the Tennessee River Valley Region. WEB ADDRESS:

LORI LOVELACE from Florence, Alabama is a regular on Wednesday nights.  Her bluesy country songs are a hit with the songwriters. WEB ADDRESS:

MARC SMITH hosts the Banjo Workshop & Slow Jam at The Coffee Tree at 6:30 on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Marc is not only an accomplished banjo player but a tremendous resource on the history of the banjo and the many types of music that have been writtern for it.

SAM SIMS writes and plays an amazing mix of Hawaiian, island and bluesy songs.  Whether on his guitar or ukulele, you’ll love his new and different sound. WEB ADDRESS:

WILL STULTS is an extremely talented songwriter in his own right.  Teaming up with other talents like Jim Parker, he keeps churning out one great song after another. WEB ADDRESS: www.myspace.com/willstults

KENNETH COOPER plays all original country and alternative tunes from his album "Shades of Gray" (available here at the Coffee Tree), as well as new songs as he writes them. Ken usually performs at the Open Mic Wednesdays, and sometimes on Saturday evenings as well. Current favorites are "Sex, Drugs and Rocket Science", "Bleeding from the Inside", and "Turning Out the Spotlight". E-mail: [email protected] , WEB Address: http://www.myspace.com/takeaswingatme

MARYJUSTICE Singer/Songwriter, a young award winner, performs Pop/Alternative regularly at Wednesday Night Songwriter's Open Mic.  MaryJustice performs her originals, as well as songs by Ken Cooper, at Saturday Night Open Mic. She is currently putting in studio time working toward a CD. Single cuts will soon be on her website. WEB Address: http://maryjusticesongwriter.blogspot.com

UNCLE BETHEL is a singer-songwriter team featuring Lisa Carr and Doug Budzak. They also own Rockit Juice Audio, a demo production studio in south Huntsville and are members of NSAI, ASCAP & BMI. Lisa moonlights as a rocket scientist; Doug makes sure that Lisa has her coffee in the morning and then is in the studio for the rest of the day.PHONE NUMBER: (256) 468-8136  EMAIL: [email protected] WEB ADDRESS: